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With an asset deal Interkat Katalysatoren GmbH becomes Interkat Catalyst GmbH, an independent company with private ownership and a long term strategic orientation.



Start of series production for a stage 4 OEM-Off-Road-Application with Diesel-Particulate-Filters.

Buildup of a modern Batch Production for coating solutions used in flue gas filtration of power plants.



Series production ramp up of SCR-Catalysts for aftermarket Heavy-Duty-Applications



Construction of a second production line to service the increasing demand for Hydrogen Recombiner Catalysts.




Upgrade of production capacity for coating of Diesel Particulate Filters for an OEM Off Road application stage 3b.

Winning a contract from a world market leader in Packaging and Insulator technology, Interkat enters a new market segment with our highly efficient Ozone- and Hydrogen peroxide catalyst.



Interkat develops into a leading provider for catalysts in stationary and Biogas applications in Europe.




Conclusion of development and entrance to the market of Interkat’s Hydrogen Recombiner Catalysts used in safety engineering for Power Plants.



2009/ 2010

Development of a production process for the coating of complex substrate structures, particularly for selective catalytic reduction (SCR).



Development of catalytic converters for applications in the field of "alternative fuels" such as biogas.



Development of various production processes for the catalytic coating of particulate filters for diesel engines.



Development of a product range of oxidation catalytic converters for retrofitting European passenger cars with particulate filters.



Development of a catalytic coating for diesel particulate filters (partial flow filters) based on a sintered metal fleece. Development of a deodorising catalytic converter for a well-known manufacturer of kitchen appliances.



Sales launch of three-way and oxidation catalytic converters for stationary engines.



Development of a catalytic burner (exothermic catalytic converter) for a global player in the electrical household appliances segment and development of an automatic production process.



Founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of what is now TWINTEC AG. Development of a product range of three-way catalytic converters for passenger cars.


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