Our activities focus on: coating of substrate materials
made from ceramics or metal with catalytically active materials.


Three-way catalysts

Three-way catalysts have enjoyed particular success in the automobile industry. With today's gasoline engines, three-way catalysts are highly effective in reducing carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. In this case, oxidation processes (for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons) as well as reduction processes (for nitrogen oxides) take place in parallel.

Along with the layer structure, the fine-tuning occurs on the coating side chiefly through optimised oxygen storage materials. With respect to the optimal decomposition of pollutants, these materials can give off oxygen to the exhaust in phases of "rich" mixture formation (HC surplus, λ < 1) and store oxygen during "lean" combustion (oxygen surplus, λ > 1).

We work together with our customers to develop and implement custom three-way catalysts, which have the following characteristics depending on the customer's requirements: 

  • Coating of metal substrates with high cell densities
  • Precious metal efficiency/savings
  • Temperature/long-term stability

An overview of the fields of application is available in the iconography on the right-hand side.


Fields of application

passenger cars
light-duty commercial vehicles
motor homes
quads, trikes, buggies
heavy- and medium-duty commercial vehicles
small engines
diesel locomotives and railcars
ships, yachts, boots
stationary engines (decentralised energy generation, emergency power units)
industrial exhaust air purification
oven processes
mobile machines (construction vehicles, tractors, etc.)
functional coatings

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