Our activities focus on: coating of substrate materials
made from ceramics or metal with catalytically active materials.


SCR catalysts (selective catalytic reduction)

In the future, apart from the reduction of particulate matter, the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) will play a key role, especially for diesel engines.

This is based on the sometimes drastic tightening of NOx thresholds by governments in the coming years that will affect nearly all diesel engine applications.

The selective catalytic reduction of NOx through the electronically controlled injection of urea in the exhaust line will be the state-of-the-art denitrification technology in the future, primarily for larger diesel engines. Apart from optimised injection and temperature processes, the catalytic coating of the substrates will also play a key role in the application of the technologically complex SCR systems.

INTERKAT standard SCR coatings:

Product characteristic:

Field of application:

Substrate type: 1), 2)



Reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions

  • SCR catalysts based on vanadium oxide, tungsten oxide, titanium oxide

  • SCR catalysts based on zeolites

  • Applications in the 200-500° C temperature range

  • Applications with maximum temperatures of > 500° C









1) Substrate element can be provided by the customer or supplied by INTERKAT
2) Optional coating of "turbulent" substrate structures


Fields of application

passenger cars
light-duty commercial vehicles
motor homes
quads, trikes, buggies
heavy- and medium-duty commercial vehicles
small engines
diesel locomotives and railcars
ships, yachts, boots
stationary engines (decentralised energy generation, emergency power units)
industrial exhaust air purification
oven processes
mobile machines (construction vehicles, tractors, etc.)
functional coatings

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