Our activities focus on: coating of substrate materials
made from ceramics or metal with catalytically active materials.


Oxidation catalysts

Our range of oxidation catalysts is extensive. It ranges from standard catalysts for reducing carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to special applications for stationary engines and industrial machines. As an example, for decentralised energy generation in the form of combined heat and power units, which are playing an increasingly important role in the overall energy mix with respect to the global requirement for reducing CO2 because of their high level of efficiency. Oxidation catalysts from INTERAKT contribute to the significant reduction of formaldehyde, which is considered a carcinogen.  

An overview of the product characteristics of selected INTERKAT oxidation catalysts is available here:

Product characteristic:

Field of application:

Substrate type: 1), 2)



  • Hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide conversion
  • e.g. diesel passenger cars, commercial vehicles and offroad applications. Biogas plants/combined heat and power units , also for achieving the formaldehyde bonus in line with the German Renewable Energy Act

  • Hydrocarbon storage capability
  • e.g. passenger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles to trap hydrocarbons during the engine's cold-start phase

  • High NO->NO2 conversion
  • CRT® applications (with so-called "passive" - meaning based on soot/NO2 reaction - regenerating particle filter systems (passenger cars/trucks/buses/offroad)

  • Optimised NO->NO2 conversion
  • Applications with limited NO2emissions such as for use in low-emission zones

  • Exothermic generation
  • Vehicles/machines with actively regenerating particulate filter systems (as catalytic burner during fuel injection for raising the temperature in the filter)

  • Sulphur stability
  • Applications involving fuels that contain higher levels of sulphur (e.g. in BRIC countries) or with biogas engines

  • Deodorisation
  • e.g. Kitchen/industrial ovens

1) Substrate element can be provided by the customer or supplied by INTERKAT
2) Optional coating of turbulent or structured substrates (e.g.
Emitec-METALIT®-PE, TS, LSPE substrates, metal or ceramic foams)


Fields of application

passenger cars
light-duty commercial vehicles
motor homes
quads, trikes, buggies
heavy- and medium-duty commercial vehicles
small engines
diesel locomotives and railcars
ships, yachts, boots
stationary engines (decentralised energy generation, emergency power units)
industrial exhaust air purification
oven processes
mobile machines (construction vehicles, tractors, etc.)
functional coatings

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