Our activities focus on: coating of substrate materials
made from ceramics or metal with catalytically active materials.


Customized functional coatings

With their extraordinary properties such as expanding the available surface area, improved kinetics or catalytic activity, nano particles offer numerous application opportunities in the area of catalysis. This principle enables the development of catalysts that can convert hydrogen and oxygen even at room temperature (→ avoiding the so-called "detonating gas reaction"). These types of catalysts are deployed in safety equipment in nuclear power plants, for instance. 


Moreover, catalytic materials possess an interesting sorption behaviour due to the highly specific surfaces. This characteristic is utilised in several areas of filtration and adsorption technologies. What all of these applications have in common is that the materials must be applied to a surface (e.g. heat exchanger).

INTERKAT has extensive expertise in the development of catalyst formulations and the application of metal oxide powders to a wide variety of surfaces and catalyst supports. Therefore INTERKAT is the right partner for the development of customized functional coatings and the transfer of these to industrial production.


Fields of application

passenger cars
light-duty commercial vehicles
motor homes
quads, trikes, buggies
heavy- and medium-duty commercial vehicles
small engines
diesel locomotives and railcars
ships, yachts, boots
stationary engines (decentralised energy generation, emergency power units)
industrial exhaust air purification
oven processes
mobile machines (construction vehicles, tractors, etc.)
functional coatings

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