Our activities focus on: coating of substrate materials
made from ceramics or metal with catalytically active materials.


Catalytic coated particulate filters

In addition to the reduction of CO2 and nitrogen oxides, the global reduction of particulate matter is one of the most pressing goals of environmental policy. Soot particulates are emitted particularly during combustion processes in diesel engines. 

Particulate filters, standard equipment in many diesel passenger cars and commercial vehicles for some time now, will also be used in numerous nonroad applications such as mobile machinery in the future. In contrast to the automobile segment, the nonroad machinery segment is marked primarily by a wide range of models and often small-volume series. Such conditions demand a high degree of maneuverability and flexibility from system integrators of particulate filter systems as well as from the component suppliers. 

As a coating partner, INTERKAT aims to support its customers (engine and machine manufacturers and operators) in carrying out this ambitious requirement. Below is an overview of our standard particulate filter coatings that we apply together with our customers, according to their specific requirements:

Product characteristic:

Field of application:

Substrate type: 1), 2)



Active filter regeneration (with oxygen):

  • With increased low-temperature activity

  • NO2-optimised

Vehicles/machines with actively regenerating particulate filter systems (fuel injection)

  • Increased requirements for fuel savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions

  • Applications with limited NO2 emissions such as for use in low-emission zones











Passive filter regeneration (with NO2):

  • With increased low-temperature activity

  • NO2-optimised

Vehicles/machines with passively regenerating particulate filter systems

  • Temperature-critical applications

  • Applications with limited NO2 emissions such as for use in low-emission zones











1) Substrate element can be provided by the customer or supplied by INTERKAT
2) Turbulent structures (e.g. PM-Metalit® , sintered metal filters or foams)
3) Wall-flow filters from cordierite, silicon carbide or aluminium titanate, turbulent structures (e.g. foams)


Fields of application

passenger cars
light-duty commercial vehicles
motor homes
quads, trikes, buggies
heavy- and medium-duty commercial vehicles
small engines
diesel locomotives and railcars
ships, yachts, boots
stationary engines (decentralised energy generation, emergency power units)
industrial exhaust air purification
oven processes
mobile machines (construction vehicles, tractors, etc.)
functional coatings

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