Toll coating, catalytic converter recycling 
and much more


Additional services

INTERKAT will take care of the following services if desired:

Catalytic converter design and prototype production: We support customers in the design of the catalytic converter according to the application-specific issue. This can involve the suitable chemical formulation as well as advice on the right type of substrate material.


Support during system integration: Depending on the application, our engineers gladly offer advice on system engineering issues, including the possibility of having an external partner produce the system.


Contract coating: With our flexible production systems that range from semi-automatic equipment to robot-controlled coating systems, we can also produce catalytic converters tailored to individual material requirements (recipes). The required substrates can be provided by the customer or INTERKAT can assume responsibility for the procurement.


Recycling of old catalytic converters. If needed, we will take back and recycle the old catalytic converters. If any precious metals are recovered, customers participate by means of a precious metal credit note.


Cleaning of used catalytic converters to restore the catalytic activity.


Laboratory analysis:

  • Measurement of the catalytic converter activity with our syngas test benches
  • Determination of the specific surface (BET analysis)
  • Surface characterisation using an EDX analysis

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